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Relief of safety ladder
For now a lot of people say the ladder safety problem, the ladder manufacturer he said, how to relief of safety.
1. Only allow one person standing, a ladder and a guardianship. It is forbidden to bring people move the ladder.
2. When using a ladder should be placed stability. When using a ladder on the surface of the smooth, should be taken to end cover, to prevent slippery rubber anti-sliding measures, etc. Straight ladder and extension ladder with 60 ° ~ 70 advisable Angle with the ground.
3. When using a ladder, workers in datum above 2 m (2 m) when fall prevention measures should be taken.
4. Work on a ladder, should avoid excessive force, his back to the ladder work, body weight deviation, etc., in order to prevent the body out of balance and lead to fall.
5. Have rung the herringbone ladder rung when use should be open and lock, watch the clip.
6. Up and down the ladder, should be geared to the needs of the ladder, step to the next level, hands can not leave the ladder at the same time. The ladder should be take after the first.
7. Personnel work on the ladder to use tools, are available across the shoulder toolkit to carry or use lifting equipment and ropes to moving up and down, to ensure that the hands free climbing all the time.
8. For straight ladder, extend and 2.4 m (2.4 m) above the herringbone ladder, when using application tied rope fixed or shall hold, fixed, or loose the bands, should have someone escalator.
9. If the ladder for personnel, work platform, its top should support point out at least 1 m. Above the strong point of ladder parts (refers to the ladder or extension ladder) can only be used in the upper and lower the ladder for armrest, with its affiliated, of any equipment or tools.
Two stage it is forbidden to stand on the 10. A ladder, and should be obvious warning labels.
11. When using a ladder at the gate of the channel should be door lock live.
12. It is strictly prohibited to will the ladder as a support frame, skateboard, springboard or for other purposes.
13. It is strictly prohibited to erect a ladder on the hanger.
14. In the circuit, control box, high voltage power lines, electric welding, any leakage of dangerous places should use special insulation ladder, it is strictly prohibited to use metal ladders.
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